Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Griffin Alan Pate!

Yesterday was my little man's 3rd birthday. Man when people say time flies with littles, they are not kidding! I cannot believe it's been 3 years already. 

We celebrated the day by meeting Eli and Ellie at Chick-fil-A after daycare to play some. Morgan got them all cookies (bc the ice cream machine was broken! Sad times!) and they made quite the mess. ☺️
After that, Mr.Pate and I let Griffin decide where we would eat dinner. We both expected Chuy's, of course, but surprisingly he wanted to eat at the "Mexican with soup". In Griffin world, that means Kyotos, which he is learning is actually Japanese. Haha! Then we took him to Chuckie Cheese for some game time. Poor thing is sooo scared of the Chuckie that walks around! He gets super paranoid every time he comes out.
Uncle D had some yummy cake for him when we got home, and we sang happy birthday. It was a really good and pretty full day for our little guy. We are having his party on Sunday afternoon, so more details then! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Adventures- While we were at camp...

So while we had youth at camp a few weeks ago, Griffin was off having his own adventures in TN! He stayed with my parents for the week, and this year he had such a blast he didn't even want to take time to FaceTime us at night. Last year, by nighttime he was missing us and wanted to talk. This year, every time we called he just said "love you! Too busy playing, don't wanna talk!" And off he went. Ha! 
He had such a blast spending time with the cousins and chilling with Peeps as KneKne. Uncle Ashley made his week by letting him drive the boat! And of course, crazy Mimi kept him laughing. 

I am so thankful that Griffin loves to spend time with our families. It is wonderful to still be able to serve and do ministry that I love, while not worrying about how my son is. 

After camp, Griffin came back to us for two days then Grandma came and rescued him from all the moving chaos. So thankful for that!! He spent three days in Louisville visiting Grandma and Papaw, and had a blast again. 

Summer Adventures- Livvi's Bday Party!

As soon as I flew in from Utah, the boys came to Gallatin and met me for Livvi's 10th Bday Party! She had a swim party, so fitting as she is part fish. Griffin only got in the baby pool, but it was wonderful to catch up with family and chill by the pool. 

Cousin love! 

Summer Adventures: Kris's Wedding

I have been majorly slacking in the blog department, but this summer has been packed full and I am gonna try to back track to get it all written down soon. So bare with me :-) 

At the beginning of June, Karen and I had a girls weekend trip to Utah for Kristen's wedding!! Karen and I have both been married for a while, so it was super fun to get to go celebrate with Kris for her big day now. I probably haven't flown since Kristen and I flew to Mexico to visit Karen, which was several years ago (maybe 5?). Flying preggo is great fun... Not! 

Anyhow, we got to Utah super late Thursday night and got to meet Jordan, Kristen's soon-to-be-hubby. They are perfect for one another! Then we tried to get some sleep before the big weekend. Of course, the sun was bright as mid-day at 5am so there was no sleeping in for the weary!! Haha. 

On Friday we went to see their future apartment (so cute), and had lunch with Kristen's dad, stepmom, brother and his whole clan (wife and 4 kiddos). Then we got pedicures☺️. 

Friday night we had a picnic with Kristen's mom and the whole family in a park. It was lovely weather and a great time. After that we headed back to the apartment to get all the last minute stuff ready for the next day. 

They got married in this historic old church in a park/canyon place. It was so cute. So Saturday we decorated, got ready, and then Karen and I tried our best to be photographers! I literally almost passed out during the ceremony, which would have been awful. 

We had dinner with the newlyweds and Kris's dad and stepmom, then tried to rest before an early morning flight back. Whew, it was a whirlwind but I am so glad we got to be there for this awesome day!! 

22 Weeks and Counting...

• How far along: 22 Weeks

• Total Weight Gained: 6 lbs 

• Sleep: Thanks to some of my wonderful friends, I got two pregnancy wedges and that has helped quite a bit with comfort. Griffin has been waking in the middle of the night with all the housing changes, so I am pretty tired and wished I could get more sleep though! 

• Best Moment of the Week(s): Griffin has been "interacting" with "his baby" this week. He has been poking the baby, hugging him, and tickling him. Seems to really be getting excited!   

• Movement: Yep. Little taps and flips anytime I have to bend forward or scrunch the baby. And as soon as I lay down moving like crazy! Still can't feel it from the outside yet. 

• Symptoms: Tired. Back pain. Heartburn. Shortness of breath. 

• What I miss: The lack of back pain, and energy! Good nights sleep! 

• What I'm looking forward to: Picking out a name, choosing nursery stuff, getting baby things together.

• Other news: We moved out of our house the past two weeks, which was super exhausting for a preggo. And we closed on the new house and should move in sometime in the next two or three weeks, so I am sure that will be exhausting too! Ha! 

Some photo shoot outtakes for your enjoyment... 

Griffin wanted to put his booty on the baby! Ha

And a fun belly shot with Hav, while we are both at 22 weeks! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Opening Day!

We made to camp safe and sound yesterday!

Waiting in a very hot room waiting for opening celebration...

We are Chaco fans :-)

And a few of us (Justin and Brett) have really bad taste and wear socks with sandals, ick!

We are just beginning today, so be in prayer for our first day. It is already super hot and humid, so pray for energy and safety. Also first bible study and full on worship tonight.

This summer theme is "Gre>ter", looking at John 3:30 about us decreasing and Jesus increasing in our lives.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

Friday, June 13, 2014

19 Weeks and Counting... It's a BOY!

  • How far along: 19 Weeks
  • Total Weight Gained: 
  • Sleep: Well, I traveled to Utah for Kristen's wedding and we probably slept a total of 10-15 hours over the course of 3 days. No good! I was one tired momma!! Griffin also had one of his bad weeks this week, so we had two very long nights of no sleep. But last night was better!! 
  • Best Moment of the Week(s): Found out the gender and got to see our little alien on the screen! Big Brother cried (more on that in a moment), so that made it a bit sad.  
  • Movement: I have felt a few small taps here and there, but nothing really major yet. 
  • Symptoms: TIRED! Very large midsection :-) Back pain, ugh!  
  • What I miss: The lack of back pain, and energy! 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Picking out a name, choosing nursery stuff, getting baby things together.
  • Other news:  The baby is apparently in the 86th percentile for size right now! Which for my small stature is really large. But that could even out of course. But I guess that expalins my huge baby bump already! Ha!
Well, we went and found out the gender this past Tuesday (a week early because of youth camp), and Baby #2 is a BOY! Griffin came with us to the ultrasound and did great being still in the room. He did say "mommy, this is taking forever!" a few times! haha!  

He actually acted happy about it being a boy in the ultrasound room, which we were surprised about. He has said he wanted a girl from day one. But as soon as we got out into the lobby, he crawled under a chair and started bawling bc he wanted a girl! It was so sweet and very sad actually. It made me cry! We were going to try some cute gender revel thing with balloons, but with him so sad we just decided to revel by sending out his sad video.

Definitely a boy :-)

By the time we got him from school later that afternoon, he was in much better spirits! He said a boy was good. We will see how long that lasts! We got silly taking some belly pictures!
- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone